In the Cell Therapy Network, different work groups have been created with the aim of developing common strategies and programs that allow homogenising some work processes for all the groups of the Network and for those external researchers who also want to carry out their research based on these guidelines.

The Committee of Good Clinical Practice focuses its work on offering quality information aimed at those who are thinking of undergoing medical treatment with cell therapy, as well as reporting to the Spanish Agency for Medicines and Health Products (AEMPS) those cases that may appear dubious or fraudulent. All the work of this committee is reflected in the highlighted section of this web page "PATIENTS".
The objective of this committee is the development of clinical protocols and common work guidelines in order to standardize the design of the trials carried out with stem cells within TerCel as well as to facilitate the comparison of results.

Estudio de Citogenética UPC-TerCel

Estas son las conclusiones del estudio intra-red realizado....

The objective of this committee is the elaboration of protocols and common work guides in the cell production rooms in order to homogenize the procedures and the handling of the cells in TerCel´slaboratories.