The Steering Committee of the Tercel Red is the main management body of the Network. It is made by the general coordinator, the coordinators of the work programs and 3 principal investigators of each program responsible for directing the work packages (basic, pre-clinical research and translational).

Main functions:

  • Overseeing the activities of the Scientific Committees of the Programs and working packages.
  • Administration of the funding from the ISCIII.
  • Fostering scientific collaboration among groups and with other research networks.
  • Taking executive action on the objectives agreed by the GA.
  • Discussing and developing scientific strategy and the visibility.
  • Ensuring implementation of the workplan.
  • Ensuring the optimal use of the generated knowledge within the scientific community and the public, and supporting knowledge dissemination.
  • Supporting the Network and Project Coordinators in the preparation of meetings and in the compilation of data for the annual network evaluation.
  • Appointing scientific subcommittees for specific tasks (implementation of protocols, guides, etc).